About The Mini Course

The content taught in this course can help you to develop your own line of playing cards, affirmation cards, flash cards, study cards, tarot cards, etc! First, you will gain insight on what you need to do to ensure your cards stand out. Then, I will share with you how manufacturing the cards work and how to not waste money in the process. I also give you the contact information for FOUR manufacturers, including the one I worked with in the US. The course wraps up with insight on how to market and sell your cards including the e-commerce platform and shipping platform I used. Additionally, you will receive bonus downloads for planning your financials and managing your inventory. This course is digital. This course is not eligible for refund or exchange.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Legal

  • 2

    Creating Affirmation Cards

    • Getting Started

    • Manufacturing

    • Designing Your Cards

    • Marketing and Selling

    • Financial Tracker

    • Inventory Tracker

  • 3

    Bonus: Q&A Call Replay

    • Q&A Session Replay

  • 4

    Your Next Step

    • An Invitation