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    Scale Week

    • Download Your Workbook

    • The REAL Meaning of Scale

    • Signature Offer vs. Offer Suite - Which Business Model Makes Sense for You

    • Me, Myself and I - Why Your Trust Issues Are Slowing Your Business Growth

    • Diversify Your Streams of Revenue Without Confusing Your Audience

    • Vision Mapping - What Does Your Out of the Box Path Look Like on an Identity Level

    • Bonus: The Founder's Mindset

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    The Coaches League

    • Ready to scale?

    • Not yet ready to scale but ready to grow?

What's Included?

When you enroll in Scale Week, you'll get instant access to:

  • 5 actionable video trainings (total of 5 hours of content) that will cover the building blocks to scaling your online course or coaching business

  • Downloadable Marketing Workbook to Begin Implementing Scale Strategies

  • BONUS: Founder's Mindset Training

Remember the Staples commercial where they had the easy button?

Ask yourself, “What if it was easy?”

So often coaches overcomplicate the scaling process. They think it means complex funnels, high cost ads and converting their coveted program into a self study course. There are so many more options for diversifying your revenue as a coach that doesn’t involve the “typical” path of course creation. We can scale in a way that taps into your creativity AND doesn’t confused your audience. Easy doesn’t mean unprofessional or cheap. Easy means taking the fewest steps possible to produce a product that your audience will love. We’ll explore this concept more during the Scale Week course!